Executive Coaching

To flourish firms need the right leaders, and those skills which started a business, need to adapt and change as the business grows if it is to reach its full potential. That often requires the Leaders, whether they be Founders or senior players to recognise this and to re-focus to ensure continued success

Executive Coaching with Mike O’Dell offers a chance to:-

  • Be the best Leader you can be
  • Understand what makes you tick
  • Give you the best chance to re-shape your approaches
  • Strengthen your impact
  • Get the most from your working relationships and workforce
  • Actively look for and accept feedback to maximise your efforts

Leadership is not a destination but a continuous journey of renewal and adapting to changes. Technology and the environment are re-shaping our world at an ever-increasing pace.

Only those businesses which have the capacity to regenerate and whose leaders who are willing to keeping growing adapting and changing will flourish.

Executive coaching with Mike O’Dell gives you the chance to remain focused and to maximise your impact, positively, which in turn makes your business thrive.

Mike O’Dell will work with you to understand your needs and the context of those. He will positively challenge you and help you to understand yourself better to see how that impacts on others and how you can maximise any given situation. We can’t control others, but we can control ourselves and how we react to events

The executive coaching programme is not about trying to make someone you are not but instead working on your strengths and values to help you maximise your potential and in turn help you deliver for your organisation and stakeholders.