Strategic HR Review – aligning how your people operate to get business results

If you are one of the many start-up hi tech businesses in London or Cambridgeshire and you recognise the need for a business-focused and aligned People strategy, but you do not have the expertise yet in-house then take advantage of the chance to enhance this key element of your business and contact me.

An engaged and motivated workforce trumps any other over and over – but getting to that is not easy and requires careful thought and even smarter execution. With a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors I can help you align how your people operate and improve performance across whatever issues are holding you back.

I’ll work with you to understand your business goals, challenge how you are attacking them currently and recommend and help implement better and more coherent and aligned approaches. There is never a silver bullet or single solution – but by aligning many, success always follows.

Experience drawn from:-

WorldRemit – Chief People Officer

William Hill Online – HR Director

Colt Technology Services – VP Human Resources

O2 – VP Human Resources

BT – Head of HR